UX Design

Preggo: Nutritional Scan Focused on Pregnancy

Some of the most popular food intake apps do not offer a particular program for pregnant women who want to track their nutrition without needing a specific diet plan.
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Realizing the need for a more pregnancy-focused nutritional app during my wife's pregnancy, Preggo was conceptualized. It is designed to cater to the unique dietary needs of expectant mothers, ensuring both the baby's and mother's health are monitored and supported.

My Role

  • UX/UI Design / Product Ownership: I led the design and overall direction of the Preggo app.
  • Technology Research: Investigated the latest technologies that could enhance the app's functionality.
  • User Research and Personas: Conducted to understand the needs and preferences of our target audience.
  • Information Architecture: Structured the app's information efficiently.
  • User Testing: Gathered feedback through various testing phases.
  • Visual Design: Created the app's visual elements, focusing on clarity and ease of use.


Popular food intake apps lack specific features for pregnant women who want to track nutrition without focusing on weight-driven diet plans.

Stage 1 - Understanding and Empathizing:

  • Interview Scripts, Personas, and Roadmap: Developed to gain insights into the user's mental model and needs.
  • Card Sorting, Tree Testing, and Navigation: These were conducted to refine the app's structure.
  • Sketch Prototype and Testing: Used to gather initial feedback and make necessary adjustments.

Interview Script


Stage 2: A

  • UI / IxD, User Journey, Sketches, Wireframes: Further developed and tested to ensure intuitive use.
  • Online Recorded Interviews and Usability Testing: Conducted to identify pain points and areas for improvement.
  • Visual Design and Prototype: Finalized with Invision to give stakeholders a realistic preview.

User Journey



Addressed the users' need for simplicity and focus:

  • Simplified Nutritional Tracking: Reduced the emphasis on calorie counting and diet plans.
  • Refined Mood Statement Screen: Made less overwhelming, focusing more on the baby's health.
  • Streamlined Registration: Split into multiple screens to avoid information overload and allow users to provide sensitive information comfortably.

‍Learning Outcomes

The project reaffirmed the importance of specialized care during pregnancy. It showed the potential for digital solutions to supplement traditional healthcare by providing tailored support and information. The insights gained led to a deeper understanding of expectant mothers' needs and the realization that there's much we can offer to focus on both the baby's and mother's health.

App Interaction