Parking payment solution

Date: 2013 / 2014
ByeFila Final Prototype 2014


We were a team of 2 designers and 2 product managers already in the digital industry with the idea that pushed us to start funding and designing our own product, making a partnership with Cedro Finances, a big company in our city of Uberlandia.

My Role

- User research
- UI/UX Design
- Presentation


By this time in Brazil(2014), there was always a line for a parking lot ticket payment. The checkout solutions used to generate long waits for having a real person behind the counter or not enough self-payment machines.

User Flow and First Wireframe

AskAvisar Everyday was seeking for branding engagement to help them create an identity. Avisar  Everyday Solutions is associated with the CPA firm, Avisar, but they would like to create their own identity and reputation as they grow and outlive the Avisar name.


A mobile app for payment solution with a barcode scanner and one-time payment registration. The Client would give us access to their data system and we would give them access to our dashboard with all the payment updates.


The Brand Design took us to a long process of learning. Brand Adjectives Moodboard were built in collaboration with the team and core values were brought to the screen as we started to sketch new shapes and colours. How could we translate these values into visual? We could see it from all angles picking up the best choices as we moved into new stages of concept creation.

Business Goals

- Sell the app as a service to local mall corporation and expand to retail groups and more extensive mall franchises.

- Have a partnership with a well known data-security partner for client trust and financial support.


- Market/user research
- Technological Viability
- Demographic Research (User research)
- Information Architecture
- User Testing
- Interface Design
- Engineering / Development
- First Prototype

Marketing Presentation by Cedro
ByeFila: Button States Animation

Video Animation for Marketing Campaigns