Role: Branding - UX / UI

What’s Aviso?

Aviso is telling a new and evolved story - moving from sales forecasting and deal guidance to becoming a more complete revenue guiding platform through team collaboration around actionable insights provided by AI.

Aviso was hoping to have their product’s UI refreshed keeping their current logo but open for new improvement on all external-facing marketing and sales assets.

Avisar Everyday was seeking for branding engagement to help them create an identity. Avisar  Everyday Solutions is associated with the CPA firm, Avisar, but they would like to create their own identity and reputation as they grow and outlive the Avisar name.


We started collecting all visual information from our large/mid size competitors, identifying meaningful values from their design languages and opportunities to penetrate in the market with unused elements. This would be our design strategy that after aligned with marketing would create coherent brand.


Starting with new Typography and a new colour palette we bring up more of secondary colours, dark background and textures as it goes with the visual concept metaphor: The Central guiding compass for revenue department organisations.


The Brand Design took us to a long process of learning. Brand Adjectives Moodboard were built in collaboration with the team and core values were brought to the screen as we started to sketch new shapes and colours. How could we translate these values into visual? We could see it from all angles picking up the best choices as we moved into new stages of concept creation.


For effective storytelling we did some experimentations with new characters interacting with other data symbols adding a more playful tone of voice.


New Iconography, Simplified UIs, Info Cards, textures, filters and photo treatments. After designing all the new assets we did a presentation using the stylescape format as a good readable way to call the client's attention to all the new features with both version: Dark theme and Light theme.