Rock No Vale 2013 - Poster Design + Concept



ROCK no vale is a music festival in Aruja, Sao Paulo. The main proposal of the event is to give people a moment of reflection and revaluation of Christian beliefs that stand for the life on Earth and the beings that inhabit it. Being part of this world demands of us an ethical and sustainable positioning.

THEY HAve THE SLOGAN "ROCK, KINGDOM(OF GOD) AND SUSTENTABILITY". WHEN WE THINK OF SUSTAINABILITY WE think ABOUT THE FUTURE and all I wanted to ask was “are we doing it right?”. Are we really taking care of our planet? Will wildlife last forever? WHO WOULD HELP US ON A DEAD PLANET?

The astronaut is returning to earth many generations after the human exodus to another planet. He wonders if it’s still a poisoned environment and then he sees hope in a small tree. He takes his time and enjoy earth with his guitar.



I could have just googled for "futiristic font" but all of those are commonly used and known. For this work I thought would be better something more unique and maybe experimental.



Using sharp edges for the main character and trying to give it an old comic book look I Could Not help playing with some abstract colors and explore a bit of psychedelia.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 12.09.34.png